Adrienn Banhegyi is one of the world’s best jump rope performers, holding two world records and winning the World and European Jump Rope Championships several times, its no wonder she was selected to be an artist of Cirque du Soleil. She has 15 years of competitive jump rope experience. Having performed in New York City and touring North America for a while, she was offered to accept a new challenge in 2011, to perform her solo skipping act in the most well-known TV studios across the United States and Canada, promoting their show, Quidam.

Since then Adrienn has been seen all around the world and she also works for German-based companies on a regular basis, with her solo act often appearing on the stages of Variety Theatres and Special Events. In an interview with ( when asked what characterstics does it take to become a great rope jumper, Adrienn replied-

“I think as, in every sport, determination, strong will-power are a must in jump roping as well. Creativity is a great addition to all the skills that you need to be a good performer. I also think everyone has something to give to his/her audience, and it makes a performance very interesting and unique every time. I believe that developing your own style, where we see that you are most comfortable with your jump rope, and it is done with joy and ease, it is something that can take the audience on a fun journey!”


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