This looks like the morning trip to church for the royal family and their friends. With the bishop presiding over their mass. Gosh, that just must be so intense. To think of being the sovereign of a nation, of an entire people. That you are a public image, and sacred object, in which God observes and the crown rests. That’s just “woo”, intense and a lot of pressure.

The fabulous Kate Middleton is looking so well in motherhood, and little princess Charlotte is doing so well under pressure and learning her royal wave. I wonder if it would be okay to do an animated princess film about the royal family and what it’s really like to live at the Palace. This has probably been through the runs at least once.

The idea has probably crossed some animators mind. Is it disrespectful to think about the royal family in a Disney fashion? With the many princesses and princesses of the family all lined up together? It would be quite a Pixar extravaganza, and I think that they would be more willing to create something like this than Disney because Disney is more likely to make a story about fairy tales than real life.

These images of family, however, are precious and a joy to look upon.

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