What this young girl did for her brother could have saved his life! Lexie an 8-year-old girl who has cerebral palsy and cannot walk or talk, but she can certainly let others know when someone is in need. One day as Lexie’s mom and grandmother were preparing for Lexie’s ninth birthday party, her baby brother 18-month-old Leeland decided to wander out to the pool, he had slipped out the door without a soul knowing except for Lexie.

Thanks to Lexie’s loud screeching who alarmed her grandmother moments later- the little boy was found on the edge of the pool and the grandmother had gotten to him just in the nick of time.

The following day, the family put a fence up around the pool. They also installed a locking gate between their home at their pool. As for Lexie, this sweet little superhero has received awards from the Halifax Regional Police and her local MLA for her life-saving efforts. Well done Lexie!



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