There is a lot of difference between Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, which will make for an interesting relationship, won’t it?

Harry apparently is very sure of himself, he is a confident man, which you can see by the way that he uniformly writes his signature. Maybe he’s had to sign one or two things in his life. Maybe a few hundred things, maybe a few thousand, but I am pretty sure that if you have a significant amount of cultivation practice then you will become uniform. Or what you do will become a uniform thing.

Meghan Markle is still figuring out who she is. She changes her signature often. WHile’s she’s practiced calligraphy which is lovely. with the loop at the end of her name, there is apparently an air of uncertainty. Which would explain somethings about her posture during other ceremonies? One thing I’m sure she’s certain of, she loves her husband. But it must be a large amount of pressure as well to suddenly be a Duchess. Give yourself a break Meghan and be you. Your duties will fall into place when you’re open to it.

Our handwriting carries our signature and emotional print. The ways that we loop our y’s, and cross our t’s, actually matter. This seems like a more important reason for us to continue to practice calligraphy and handwriting even though so much of the written word has now been transferred to an electric and automated practice. it also puts into perspective the importance or the value of our words. Honor, Loyalty. When you make a promise to someone and give them your word that you will do something, you cannot break that promise. For you will thus be dishonorable, and disgraceful. We don’t hold to these values as we used to. However maybe we should return to traditional oaths, and values, once again, feeling the power of our truths.

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