Serving in the Armed Forces is a wonderful sacrifice for the serviceman or woman – as well as the families involved. So when a loved one returns, from fulfilling their duties it’s a special reunion for a family to see their loved ones again.
Lance Corporal Rowan Richter knew he wanted to serve for America from the time he could enlist. The thought of protecting his family while also participating in some of the most dangerous, secretive missions in the world was more than appealing for the brave teenager.

As the months rolled by Rowan trained, deployed and served – most of the time the update to Rowan’s parents was a quick phone call when he had time. It was fair to say they missed their son more deeply than anything.

So Rowan planned a beautiful surprise visit with the help of his father! The moment Rowan’s mom and sisters realized someone else popped their head up in the back for a selfie, that was a moment that wouldn’t forget. Take a peek at Lance Corporal Richter’s big surprise video!

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