It has been almost two months since Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s wedding. Since then, the new Duchess has settled into her role as an international fashion icon. Her style marked quite a significant departure from what we saw her in before she became an official member of the royal family.

In fact, the ensemble was right out of the Duchess of Cambridge’s fashion rulebook and followed royal protocol down to a T – something we haven’t really seen Meghan do before.

Firstly, the most striking difference to note from her ensemble was that she was wearing tights. This is a rule that the women in the royal family tend to follow, but one Meghan had never stuck to previously. Choosing to wear tights for the first time on a spring day in London (it was about 22 degrees) suggests that this is protocol she has been instructed to follow now that she has become a duchess.

Another clear shift in Meghan’s style was that she had chosen to carry a clutch bag, a rule that her new sister-in-law follows on almost every public occasion. Meghan tended previously to opt for cross-body bags or trendy top-handled totes, particularly for daytime events.

The final key shift came from Meghan’s hair. Famous for her messy bun (which she even wore on her wedding day), the new duchess went in a completely different direction with her updo yesterday, choosing to wear a sleek and tidy chignon under her Philip Treacy hat.

Will the new duchess ditch her laid back, protocol-breaking ensembles and stick much more closely to the royal fashion rules in the future? The answer is most likely yes, but, in time, she will probably make the royal look her own. This was a fairly formal engagement and the first of its kind for her in the role as a duchess.

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