During rush hour everyone has one thing on their mind: to get home as quickly as possible. So when commuters at a local train station were walking to their line they walked by a hooded person sitting at a piano making them glance back and come to a halt.

No one could see the hooded man’s face but everyone was anxious to learn who was underneath. Some glanced back and continued to walk, while others were compelled to stop and listen as he wowed them with his tune.

The hooded person begins to play a slow song, then jumps into a faster and more upbeat style of the boogie-woogie. He’s fantastic at playing and the crowd is in awe of his talent. No one knows it but the hooded person underneath is none other than Brendan Kavanagh also known as Dr.K.

Dr.K is famous for filming his piano skills in various different locations and in various different outfits. He’s played the piano in a police costume, as a construction worker and even as a pilot, among many others. There’s no doubt everyone is wary of this hooded man playing beautiful music but yet they still can’t resist stopping to listen to him.

Dr.K is a London native with a Ph.D. in English Literature. In the past, he played with numerous bands but now spends his time being filmed playing the piano in various different places. Listen to him for yourself in the video!

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