This little guy thinks nobody is watching, but his mom and dad know exactly what’s going on at all times in their household!  After weeks of Mom and Dad’s 8-year-old daughter complaining that her brother kept taking her toys in the middle of the night, they decided to set up a hidden camera to figure out what was going on. They had no idea the thief was actually their adorable little toddler sleeping just a few feet away.

If you have kids, know people with kids or are familiar with the popular Pillow Pets (pillows shaped like different animals) that are in every toy store around the country, then you would be aware of little ones going nuts over them. So when a sister gets a Pillow Pet and her 2-year-old brother was left out of the loop, he decided to take things into his own hands. It was time to have a comfy toy of his own! What Mom and Dad’s hidden camera revealed days later was just too darn funny…Does this bring back any memories of your own?



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