Lisa Pack a grandmother, loves it when her grandchildren visit during the hot summer months. She enjoys the time they spend together in her backyard pool and does everything she can to keep it looking clean and clear.

Every week, Lisa would spend 45  minutes cleaning the pool, only to see it quickly return to it’s not so lovely murky green color with slime covering the bottom. The water was always cloudy, and the white steps had a darker sheen. It certainly didn’t help that her home is surrounded by trees.

Then one day, Lisa’s daughter came up with a possible solution to her swimming pool woes — and the key was a single Mr. Clean Magic Eraser.

Lisa heeded her daughter’s advice, and 24 hours later she went outside to find her pool looking more beautiful and sparkling than ever before. She was so surprised by the results that she shared her trick on Facebook. Within days, her helpful hack had gone viral with thousands of shares.

“People think I’m probably crazy for trying this, but it works,” she wrote.


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