This is an incredible story about a loyal dog named Max who didn’t give up on his three years old friend that got lost in the woods.

Max is a half blind and half deaf seventeen years old dog which should mean that he isn’t that active, but this isn’t the case for Max. Aurora is the little girl that got lost in the woods and who Max stayed by her side. Aurora loves to explore the world, but her taste for adventure put her in a dangerous situation!

One day, Aurora and Max were taking a stroll next to the woods. The little girl felt like she wanted to explore more and unfortunately, she got lost in the dense forest. A couple of hours passed by and her family started noticing that she isn’t coming back.

After realizing that Aurora got lost in the woods, the kid’s grandma was scared. She called the police and asked them to form a search party. Everyone was so worried about Aurora’s well being was that the forest is filled with all types of animals, and not all of them are friendly! But no one knew this yet, but Aurora was not alone. Max was with her and he was keeping her out of harm’s way.

Nearly ten hours passed since Aurora went missing and her relatives started to get even more worried… Seeing how Aurora was nowhere to be found, Craig Berry who is the local police chieftain gathered everyone in the town and started searching the forest. Fortunately, this is when someone spotted Max running around!

Max led everyone to the place where Aurora was hiding. The little girl’s relatives couldn’t believe their eyes, but they were happy that Aurora was safe. Can you imagine how difficult it must’ve been for the little girl to stay in the woods for sixteen hours straight?

Max was the one who kept Aurora safe during the sixteen hours in which she was lost in the forest. The little girl smelled of dog which shows us that Max stayed close and kept her warm during the night. Isn’t he amazing?!

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