This video tells the stories of public figures and celebrities who went from successful and rich to homeless and poor, with pictures whenever possible.

Many of us have heard the success stories of famous poor people who worked their way up from nothing and celebrities who were once homeless who are now living in million dollar mansions. What about the other side? The once-rich homeless people who, despite years of success, have tumbled not only into obscurity but have lost everything along the way.

Celebs and public figures who were evicted went broke or became homeless include Danny Bonaduce, Brett Butler, Randy Quaid, Robert Driscoll, etc.

The former celebrities listed below made their living as actors, sports stars, and musicians with varying degrees of fame. No matter how high they soared, they all reached the same low and became homeless.

The good news is that many of the celebrities listed here have entered recovery from drugs, started to work again, or have got back on their feet in other ways.

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