A Stockton, CA woman is praising her pit bull with saving her and her baby’s lives. The dog woke them up when their house caught fire, providing more time to escape to safety.

Latana Chai claims that her dog, Sasha, threw herself against the outdoors backyard door just before midnight on Sunday. She wouldn’t stop barking until Latana came outside.

Afterward, Sasha darted back inside to save the remaining residents of the complex when Latana noticed the house was on fire. Meanwhile, Sasha was grabbing the baby girl by the diaper, ready to drag her out of the burning house.

As soon as Latana realized what was happening, her adrenaline kicked in and she sprang into action. She grabbed her baby, her dog, and the phone to dial 911.

Firefighters were able to get to the scene in time to put out the flames, but both her house and her neighbor’s houses are condemned.

Latana said, “(Sasha) saved everybody because if it wasn’t for her, I don’t think that any of us in this complex would have known anything… If she wasn’t barking or really going at the door like that, I probably wouldn’t have known nothing.”

The cause of the fire is still under investigation, but everyone credits Sasha the pit bull as the one to save the day!

Pit bulls have had a reputation in the past of being dangerous and an inherently ill-intentioned breed. Many have taken to social media amid this story to praise the breed which has been so wrongfully accused of violence. Way to go, Sasha!

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