The US Geological Survey(USGS) has released a new video of the highly active Fissure 8, which has been releasing lava from the Kilauea for over a month.

The lava flows out of fissure 8 and into a main channel, where the lava is moving up to 15 miles per hour, about the speed an average human can sprint over good ground. The flow slows down significantly before it reaches the ocean.

The USGS explains, “From fissure 8, lava flows freely over small cascades (rapids) into a well-established channel. Near the vent, lava is traveling about 24 km per hour (15 mi per hour). Lava slows to about 2 km per hour (1.5 mi per hour) near the ocean entry at Kapoho.”

The eruption started on May 3rd and has been going on for over a month with no signs of an end any time soon. The consequences are being felt as far away as the Marshall Islands, which are currently covered in a haze of volcanic smog.

However, the actual areas physically threatened by the volcano remains small relative to the size of the island of Hawaii.

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