3-year-old Anshuman Nandi first picked up drumsticks when he was all of nine months. You would think that his talent and expertise can outsmart a pro. Till now he has won a million hearts with his amazing talent. “I love to play the drum. In the future, I want to be a professional pilot, but for that, I have to study hard,” said the star drummer.

The youngest drummer from Tripura’s East Pratapgarh area was born to Biswajit Nandi and Rashmi Nandi. He was inspired by his father, who is a professional drummer.

The 3-year-old drummer spends most of his time with drumsticks rather than toys. Recently he bagged the national award for exceptional achievement in the field of music at an event in New Delhi.

Biswajit Nandi, his father, said: “I am very proud to say that today I am known as Anshuman’s father. Where ever he performs there is a huge crowd. In the future, if he wants to continue with his drumming, I will definitely support him to continue along with his education.” Anshuman has also appeared in reality shows such as India’s Got Talent, SA RE GA MA PA, and many others.

His success is a source of inspiration for other children in the state. Now watch Anshuman play drums in the video.

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