Over the past month, the 2018 FIFA World Cup has produced some great moments. We take a look back at some that have made us laugh 😀

After an incredible month, when we look back at a tournament that swept aside the world’s problems and gave people something to be happy about for a while.

As a month of sporting hedonism slips from present tense to past, real life and its hard borders re-sharpen their focus, bringing with them a cruel reckoning. It was only football, after all.

It felt like more than that when Kylian Mbappe was burning through opposition defenders, or Lionel Messi was fighting back the tide, or Russia and South Korea were pulling off the unfeasible, or when England’s town squares throbbed with rasping songs and nervous tension and the prickly spines of a faint dream. But no: ultimately, it was only football, no more and no less.

And so a world on a comedown seeks meaning in its ecstasy. What did we learn? What, ultimately, was it all for?

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