If you are a UAE resident, you would relate to the pain of finding a proper parking spot, or worse, dealing with other people’s unusual or annoying ways of parking. This video shows a driver in Dubai is struggling with local parking woes.

It happens so often that you fail to even notice it, according to Dubai resident Alex K. “There is not once that I don’t see someone who has parked out of order, and sometimes I see it happen in front of me,” said Alex. “I stopped paying much attention to it since it happens so often!”

The Jumeirah resident recalled seeing a car parked in the opposite direction of the lines allocated in an angle parking, and thus, taking up two spaces. “Such behavior is very annoying and self-centered, and shows that the driver does not care about others,” said Alex, adding that the key lies in educating drivers on simple road ethics and manners.

But according to Anis, the fines imposed by MAWAQIF (Abu Dhabi’s parking management service) for wrong parking is relatively high, so residents try to avoid bad parking.

For Sherif Maher, a Sharjah resident, high fines are the way to go. “If drivers get their car impounded for wrong habits and are heavily fined, they’d stop parking improperly,” he said.

Maher recalled two occasions when he got delayed for work because someone blocked his car, without leaving personal contacts on their windshield. “Working in Dubai requires me to leave early to skip the traffic, but when someone does that, you are forced to call the police.” “It becomes a disaster if you have to leave for an emergency,” he added.

An inspector in Dubai said they catch the highest numbers of violations at the traditional markets in Al Nayef area or old Dubai. “In cramped areas, people park on pavements or leave their cars in the middle of the road, which hinders others further.”

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