Watermelons are oh-so-delicious and so perfectly healthy, but they are also round and big and often impossible to fit into your fridge. Japan has taken the reins of changing its watermelon image however and has brought to the world the fruit in the shape of a cube and, of late, as a heart.

Farmer Hiroichi Kimura from Kumamoto Prefecture has successfully grown the first heart-shaped watermelon, based on a joke of a question his neighbor gave. They may be expensive, but these are edible.

People say that the heart watermelons have a crunchy consistency that gives way to pleasantly sweet juices. Upon eating of the melon’s red flesh, one is left with a mellow sweet aftertaste that lingers on the palate.

Kimura himself says that the taste was better than he had imagined. When asked what his motivation was for his dedicated work, Kimura’s answer is as simple as it is heartwarming. He said, “I want my customers to eat something delicious.” 🙂

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