Really, Kuka? You got us all excited for this match between one of your cool new robots and a world champion table tennis player.

We were thinking to ourselves, “Wow, Kuka wouldn’t have set this whole thing up unless it was actually going to be a good match! Maybe we’ll see some amazing feats of high-speed robot arms, vision systems, and motion tracking!”

But no. Looks like there wasn’t really a match at all. Kuka’s robot (which the company says is the “fastest robot on earth”) did seem capable of performing some ping pong moves, and world champion Timo Boll did seem to have exchanged some shots with the machine. But the encounter wasn’t the “robot vs. human duel” we were promised.

What Kuka gave us instead is an overproduced, highly edited commercial that, in our view, will puzzle (rather than amaze) those of us who follow robotics technology closely.

Is this real, or is this hype? See for yourself 🙂

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