A park ranger from the Hwange National Park located in Zimbabwe risked his life to save an Impala calf. The young but heavy animal found itself stuck in a deep lake of thick black mud.

On the surface, the area looked like flat earth but beneath the dry layer, was a muddy trap.

The ranger in the video took off all his extra clothes, tied a rope around his abdomen and waded through the thick, heavy mud to get closer to the sinking Impala. Once near enough, he made several attempts to grab hold of the highly panicked animal.

Once he finally got a grip, he and a group of helpers, pulled the Impala out towards solid ground. This backbreaking effort was enough to take the wind out of anyone. When the Impala was finally out, a man went forward to wash the mud from his face and nostrils.

Then, they let him go. The Impala runs towards the herd and everyone begins to breathe a little easier. Watch the
video above, and see how the man rescued the poor animal 🙂

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